In a Nutshell

Appreciate your body like it
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In a nutshell

Flying is a passion that will not disappear quickly and as flying personnel traveling is in our blood.
In addition, we eat fresh tropical fruit all over the world because real tropical fruit from the tropics that has been ripened under the sun is very different from the fruit that is available in the Netherlands.
Now the possibility has risen to be involved yourself and work on the foundation of a renewed from of tropical agriculture. Moreover, a visitation to your own plantation is now also part of the range of possibilities.

As pilots we know all too well that our pension is underfoot.

Firstly, because of the changes we have been confronted with regarding legislation which resulted in a pension freefall that we have to invest somewhere to ensure financial security in later years.

We find ourselves in a line of work that because of the changing legislation has to start taking care of their own pensions. This might change even more in the future.

The pension freefall and possible compensating payments are pre-eminently suited for investments in organic farming. That in turn will guarantee financial security during your retirement.
The System: How does it work?

The modern approach to owning the plantation and the way of working is similar to working in a cockpit. Procedures develop, checklists are completed and mitigating measures are used.
Without personally being involved the automated systems will guide you to the desired result. Farming in a box, so to speak.

The parties that are involved will join in a partnership; this regards the ground-owner, the employees and the plantation executive director. In this partnership the ground-owner is the investor.
By investing in the grounds you become the sole owner. All the facilities have been installed, including irrigation, roads and the planting of the crops. The employees on the plantation provide this infrastructure, the maintenance and the harvest of the crops.

Besides the exponential part in the harvest, the plantations’ executive director also provides the packaging and transportation of the land-owner’s harvest.
From the partial sale of the plantation the plantation’s executive director creates the financial means to support the entire plantation by means of cold stores, packaging facilities and other required industries. Moreover, schools, sports fields and other socially responsible matters like fixed contracts for the employees are also financed by the sale of the profits.

It's a win-win situation.

Once you are the sole owner of the lands, the harvest of the mango’s, avocado’s, tropical lime and Aloe Vera is from a cooperative perspective. The employees and taxes will be payed from the harvest first, after which the profits will be split 30/70.
The plantation will create revenue for 60 to 80 years.

These investment possibilities are available to all pilots because those involved in Panama and Columbia acknowledge the added value of involved private investors who can easily visit the plantation. This is not a necessity, however, being involved is.

After my visit to the plantations in Colombia and Panama I was completely convinced. By meeting the people involved and experiencing the plantations I can see a bright future ahead. The possibilities are endless.

As can be noticed by many, we are at the precipice of a food revolution.

The trend that established itself after World War II to produce food to gain financial gain by the food industry is breaking. Consequences like obesity and diabetes are no longer accepted by the consumer.

Healthy food and decreasing the carbon footprint are terms whose importance is growing in the food revolution because we feed our kids and ourselves with it.
As a result, the demand and value will increase.